Thursday Conversation: Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen spent 14 seasons in the NFL with the Bears, Panthers, and Seahawks before retiring in 2021 and joining Fox Sports as a full-time broadcaster. He recently teaming up with NFLers Travis Kelce and George Kittle to form Tight End University, a summit of top tight ends that will be held June 23-25 in Nashville.

Below is an excerpt from our sitdown with Greg:

How did you get involved in Tight End U?
I was texting with Travis Kelce and George Kittle after I retired, and George said I should come down to Nashville. There are five or six NFL tight ends that live and train together. We brought Travis in and said, “Why don’t we really try to put some structure behind this and build it out?”

We’ve got over 50 guys committed to coming down for two-and-a-half days for a mix of field work, film study, conversations, and sharing perspectives. There are rookies who’ve never played a down and guys who have played 15-plus years. It’s going to be a pretty unique and fun event.

Was the decision to retire from the NFL at 35 difficult?
To be honest, it was pretty easy. Moving my family across the country to a new city in a pandemic was a tough experience. Then I got injured, and trying to adjust at that stage of my career to a new team took a lot out of me mentally and physically.

I have nothing else to prove. It was time for me to be home with my kids, time for me to be around more, to coach their sports and just be Dad for a little while.

How are you enjoying broadcasting?
The opportunity to work with Fox and their crews was just an opportunity too good to pass up. The stars kind of aligned, and I felt like this was the right year to kind of make the transition, and working with them in the past has been a joy — both doing the studio stuff and then obviously having the chance to call a couple of NFL games — and then the XFL package last year.

I’ve got some good, meaningful reps under my belt and really enjoy working with the entire group.

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